Recent Calls
Tue. Sep 12th 2017
MVC, Signal 80/vehicle fire

At approximately 2137hrs Pompey Hill Fire Dept was activated for a reported MVC with a vehicle on fire and 1 occupant trapped...

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Fri. Sep 1st 2017
Barn fire

At 2035 hrs Pompey Hill was dispatched to a reported barn fire on Burke Rd in the town of Pompey.PHFD car 2 (Z.nicholas) was ...

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Sat. Aug 12th 2017
House fire

At 2347 hrs pompey hill was dispatched to a reported house fire on ridge Rd. PHFD car 2 (Z.Nicholas) was first to arrive repo...

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News Headlines
Thu. Sep 26th 2013
Pompey Hill District

All Home owners....Remember that the town of Pompey has a fire code ISO rating of (8B).Please make sure that your homeowners ...

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Mon. Jul 23rd 2012
Donations Are Welcome !!!!

We are pleased to offer you the ability to donate to our organization. We greatly appreciate your generous donation and will ...

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Wed. Jun 13th 2012
Energy-Saving Bulb Dangers !!

Energy-saving Bulb Dangers By Lt. James L. Jester WARNING: By now, we have all seen them. We probably all have some i...

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DEC Reminds Small Communities of High Fire Risk Season and State Ban on Brush Burning

Residential Brush Burning Prohibited March 16 - May 14



New Yorkers who reside in smaller communities should be aware that all residential brush burning is prohibited during the state's historically high-fire-risk period beginning March 16 through May 14, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens reminded today.

"Since the open burning regulation passed in 2009, there are a fewer number of fires reported in New York State this time of year," Commissioner Martens said. "I urge everyone to be cautious with the risk of wildfires and remind all New Yorkers that the statewide ban is in effect through mid-May beginning this week."

In 2009, New York toughened restrictions on open burning to reduce harmful air pollutants and help prevent wildfires. While the regulation allows residential brush burning for most of the year in towns with a population of less than 20,000, it prohibits open burning in all communities during early spring when the bulk of New York's wildfires typically occur. The new regulation prohibits the burning of garbage at all times and places.

Several factors enable wildfires to start easily and spread quickly at this time, including the lack of green vegetation, abundance of available fuels such as dry grass and leaves, warm temperatures and wind.

Open burning is the largest single cause of wildfires in New York State. Data from DEC's Division of Forest Protection show that debris burning accounted for about 36 percent of wildfires in the state between 1985 and 2009 - more than twice the next most-cited cause. In addition, from 2000 to 2009, New York's fire departments responded to an average of 2,300 wildfires each year during the period of March 14 through May 16 or about 46 percent of all wildfires for the year.

Fire department data for 2010, 2011 and 2012 indicated a 35 percent reduction in wildfires during the burn ban period for those years when compared to the previous 10 years (2000-2009). In addition, 80 percent of all communities across the state had a reduction of wildfires as compared to the previous ten years.

Violators of the open burning state regulation are subject to both criminal and civil enforcement actions, with the minimum fine of $500 for a first offense. To report environmental law violations call 1-800-TIPP DEC (1-800-847-7332), or report online on DEC's website. A list of questions and answers on the new open burning regulation is available on DEC's website.

Some towns are designated "fire towns" primarily in and around the Adirondack Park and Catskill Park. Under Environmental Conservation Law, open burning is prohibited in these municipalities at all times without a written permit from DEC. To find out whether a town is a designated "Fire Town" and/or to obtain a permit, parties should contact a DEC regional office. For a directory of the DEC Regional Offices, visit the DEC website.

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